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The Out Side is a comics anthology featuring biographical stories from trans and nonbinary artists who share their personal stories of self-discovery and acceptance!
The Story

The book began as an independent project, made possible by a Kickstarter campaign launched back in August 2021. The production of the original book was organized by The Kao,

Min Christensen, and David Daneman.


Since then, Andrews McMeel Publishing has picked up the anthology and will bring The Out Side to stores and libraries nationwide on September 26, 2023! Originally featuring 18 trans and nonbinary artists and a forward by Julia Kaye, this new expanded edition will feature 29 artists!

It is equal parts encouraging, comforting, and life-affirming.

The Out Side is a love letter to the trans and nonbinary community, designed to inspire anyone who may be struggling with their own identity and to help educate those who seek greater understanding. As artist Julia Kaye writes in the book's introduction: "I’m so glad this book exists. It’s a loud proclamation of our existence in the face of a culture

that has for too long ignored our experiences."

The Artists

(Icons drawn by Liam Coballes)

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