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Magical Boy Tarot Slider

A Fidget Slider
In stock
Product Details
Brand: The Kao

A two piece metallic fidget slider featuring Magical Boy as a tarot card! It's art that you can play and fidget with! You can slide the pieces up and down or can turn it into a clicker!

The design itself features Max as the Magician card which represents the power of manifestation and creation. It is a card of action, confidence, and communication. You have the ability to manifest your desires and can use your skills and talents to create the reality you want, just like Max!


These vary in quality and price due to imperfections.

1 Perfect $35
2 Some imperfections $25

Item Details:

  • Size: 30mm wide, 50mm long and 11mm thick
  • Product itself weighs 2.2oz
  • Made with zinc alloy with antique bronze plating.
  • Has 8 strong magnets
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NOTE: Magical Boy v.1 & v.2 books are currently only available in select bookstores or conventions where Kao is present. We also recommend Book Depository to get it internationally!

Magical Boy vol 1.png
Magical Boy Vol 2.png

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