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Mondo Mango is a slice-of-life comic series about The Kao's everyday life.

Just a guy enjoying the silly and random adventures in life like appreciating the functionality of bendy straws to battling inner demons.

A portion of the series also features its very own mascot known as GoGo. He is a fictional dragon who hatched his way into the series through a mango, giving the comic more sweet adventures!

Can read Mondo Mango online free on:

Tapas   |   Webtoon   |   Instagram

The Freckled Mango book contains a collection of these amazing Mondo Mango 

comics as well as extra bonus content like exclusive strips and art tutorials!

Paperback book
Paperback Details
Paperback details 2
Interior paper
Interior paper 2
Hardcover Prototype
Hardcover thickness
Hardcover detail 2

The book itself is perfect bound with a 12pt silk laminate cover that gives it a smooth and soft feel. It will be 6" x 9" in size and 130 pages long.

It is also available as a Hardcover with the same texture and quality

but will be limited in quantity.

* Contains over 100 comic strips! 

* Comics strips that are exclusive to the book! 

* Special strips drawn in manga styles

* Includes the story about GoGo's (the Mondo Mango mascot) orgins. 

gogo is the official mascot of mondo mango. a mango dragon!

* Strips Involving GoGo

* See how he interacts with the people around him~

* Steps on how to draw The Kao!

* Steps on how to draw GoGo!

The GoGo Plushie is soft, squish-able, and stands

at about 11 inches tall and 16 inches long.

GoGo Plushie
Height Size
Length Size
GoGo Plushie Zoom out
Detail Shot 1
Detail Shot 2
Detail Shot 3
GoGo Plushie Beauty Shot
Back View

Plushies will be sold bundled with the books or sold separately

depending on availability.

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