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A comic anthology about Asian immigrants and/or children of immigrants.
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iMMigratitude is a comic anthology featuring the stories of 18 artists who are Asian immigrants and/or the children of immigrants. Each comic is a personal story from each artist.

  • 108 color pages - feat. the work of System32Comics, Debbie Tung, The Kao, Lily Van, Niccolo Pizarro, feyuca, In Her Corner, Heropie, Fumio Obata, Tato Lu, Pear-Shaped Comics, Deslim, Zarp, Greigori Yang, Mister Loki, TOR WAR, Renee Y Liang, & Zhen.
  • Foreword by MariNaomi (graphic novelist & creator of the Cartoonists of Color database)

For more information on the creation of this book, visit the Kickstart page.

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